Nicholas Mohnacky


May 1, 2020


West Palm Beach, FL


BundleIQ is an exciting SAAS startup set to change the way companies connect people to knowledge.


Brand Strategy

Brand Identity

Web Design



Video Production

Video Editing

Live Event

Content Strategy


Print Design

Product Design

Connecting people to knowledge

The problem

BundleIQ is in a mission to help business and teams to connect information across different departments and workspaces. After the first stage of development where this startup manages to situate a fully working note taking app in a very competitive productivity space, BundleIQ was looking to establish its position in the business intelligence space by proposing a totally new way to use Artificial Intelligence (AI) to connect knowledge across multiple sources of information.

Strategy Session with BundleIQ core team @ 1909, West Palm Beach

We help BundleIQ pivot and rebrand to launch a new phase of the company, bringing focus to the user, and clarity in the message to produce a new Strategy, Build a landing page with the new brand story, explaining the AI component and the impact on our user life, and produce the UX/UI design, and live prototype for the new AI component and enrollment process, as well as creating new user flow for enrollment.

UX/UI Files For Main Page, and enrollment flow

Bundle IQ has now successfully develop the AI engine component, receive a new batch of users interested with the new concept, secure funding for the next phase and reach a niche of productivity lovers interested of using AI as a second brain to improve their management of resources and research.

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