John Nielsen


June 1, 2020


San Francisco, CA


Gainefits is a new San Francisco-based startup planning to shake the Benefits space by bringing a people-first approach back to space.


Brand Strategy

Brand Identity

Web Design



Video Production

Video Editing

Live Event

Content Strategy


Print Design

Product Design

Human-Centric Revolution

This B2B startup has recognized a change in the benefits market, where big technology companies have taken over after the digital transition in the space. This has brought a lack of experience broker and a need for a company that can develop real human relationship helping HR manager to navigate through the technology landscape, support the HR department in day to day operations, and bring a People-first benefits approach to the benefits strategy, that your team will love and can impact your company culture.‍

People-First Benefits

We helps Gainefits, launch, and position in a very competitive market, pack with big Tech Giant and "Me too" companies to separate themself from the pack and build a solid online presence. We build a Brand Strategy that will allow David to compete and succeed over Goliaths. We use tools such as UX Design, Content Strategy, Marketing Strategy, Pricing Strategy, and a Custom Web Design based in Webflow to help this new company to position their brand in a competitive landscape that is in desperate need of bringing back authentic human relationships, and the expertise and knowledge of experienced brokers that cares about human connection and company culture.

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