Polo Channel


Rob Jornayvaz


January 5, 2015


Wellington, FL


Polo Channel is one of the most exciting and ambitious projects in Polo in the last few decades. The goal was to create an international network that will cover Polo around the world, grow the sport, raise awareness, and show Polo as it has never been shown before.


Brand Strategy

Brand Identity

Web Design



Video Production

Video Editing

Live Event

Content Strategy


Print Design

Product Design

A new direction.

Polo Channel's mission is to grow the sport of Polo, by providing a trusted network to showcase the best events around the globe, using live streaming, high-end production, and creative storytelling as the weapon of choice.
Polo is one of the most exciting and adrenaline-driven sports in the equestrian world. Still, historically, it has been inaccessible to the public and often locked behind country club doors. Polo Channel wants to bring a new way to showcase the sport, using high-end production, live stream technology, and worldwide coverage, Polochannel mission is to unify the existing global polo community and transmit the passion and energy that makes this sport possible.

We set to design a brand that can serve the current community across multiples backgrounds and age groups but also a brand that can engage with newer viewers and attracts new fans. A brand that can represent the dignity and classy feeling of the sport, but with an approachable and modern feeling. Polo Channel is set to change the way the sport is consumed across the globe, and the brand has to represent the extension of that vision, from newcomers to sponsors. from young polo players to seasonal fans.

Project Scope

This was an engagement project where we work for over 4 years. The main challenge in this project has been that nobody has done this before, we were breaking new ground with every step of the way, and working out every challenge along the path.

This project has included a wide range of services ranging from Strategy to Brand Identity, Web Design to broadcast identities for different tournaments. Supporting and growing the brand throw out all the touching points.‍

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