Way of the Warrior


Ron Manuel


January 1, 2018


Wellington, FL


Way of the Warrior is a clothing brand focus on giving a voice to those who hold the Warrior spirit inside. Those who fight every day, those who struggle. Way of the warrior feeds from life experience, lessons learned, and the desire to help and inspire others.


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Straight from the soul.

The challenge with this brand was to create a strong brand, one that can appeal to our customers, fighters, first responders, warriors. But still, show the philosophical showcase a philosophical background.

We develop this brand out of a t-shirt idea, bud with such a strong foundation that we crave a whole new brand out of it. from strategy to execution, this brand was a challenging and fun project and will always contain part of our soul.

Ron Manuel, Co-Funder.
We began Way of the Warrior in an effort to help those who are going through tough times or struggles in life and for those who are in a fight The Way of the Warrior is a path forward, tools to aid you in overcoming your struggles.Our Seven Steps are time tested and observed through some of Life's best teachers. My all time favorite Warrior was my Mother, Rose, who was diagnosed with multiple myeloma. Multiple myeloma is a bone marrow cancer. They gave my mother six years to live. My mother made article after article as she battled her cancer and exceeded doctors expectations. Her attitude was humbling and her spirit tenacious. Being around her infected those surrounding her. Many of those steps embody her beliefs. As a retired Law Enforcement Sergeant, I often witnessed those rise above their circumstances and capture greatness. In my later years it has become more of a legacy driven idea to help those in crisis.. A way to memorialize lessons learned for those whom seek it and my children who may need it.
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