Polo Fest


Rob Jornayvaz


January 5, 2017


Denver, CO


Polofest was an ambitious challenge, a Festival in Denver's summer that aims to merge Music, Family, and Polo.


Brand Strategy

Brand Identity

Web Design



Video Production

Video Editing

Live Event

Content Strategy


Print Design

Product Design

A new way to enjoy Polo.

At the soul of Polo Fest exist the desire of bringing Polo to the people, The sport of Polo has been reserve to a small group, difficult to access and often close behind club's doors.

Polo Fest mission was to bring polo to a new younger audience that might not have easy access to it. Polo is one of the most intense, High adrenaline extreme sport in the equestrian world. We believe with the right environment in a fun, family friendly music driven event, we can change that.

We collaborate with Polo Fest team to launch, design the brand, website, promotional materials and event collaterals.

Polo Fest has achieved great success in the Denver festival sean growing over the last 3 years, whit over 9000 tickets sold in the last event, and a promising future.

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